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Social Responsibility

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Health & Safety Initiatives

Health & Safety Initiatives

At Crest, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities is a top priority. We have implemented a comprehensive health and safety initiative to ensure that our operations are conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

Our initiatives include regular safety training for employees, hazard assessments, and the use of personal protective equipment. We also conduct routine inspections and audits of our facilities to identify potential hazards and implement corrective actions as necessary.

We have state-of-the-art hazardous storage facilities complying with regulatory norms and do periodic HAZOP studies to minimize or mitigate occupational hazard and eliminate safety concerns of workers.

Community efforts

We believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the communities in which we operate. We have implemented a series of community efforts program that focuses on supporting local communities and organizations.

One of our primary community efforts is to support education to underprivileged children. We support initiatives such as free meals, school infrastructure setup, toilet facilities, and many more. 

We also take workforce development initiatives by partnering with schools and colleges to provide internships, scholarships, and job training programs. We believe that by working together with our communities, we can create a brighter future for everyone.

Our Community efforts
Pandemic Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

We are committed to continuing our efforts toward a more sustainable future: 

  • We have installed a Zero Liquid Discharge Facility (No Effluent Discharge) at each unit.
  • Introduced high-performance products with styrene-free, low VOC, and bio-based products that help us to reduce the carbon footprint
  • We have switched from conventional fossil fuels to solar energy. As of today, approximately 10% of our power requirement is fulfilled through the use of solar energy
  • We have installed the rainwater harvesting system at both plants to reduce  water consumption