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Vacuum Infusion Product

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General Purpose > ISO

  • C'POL 3711
    Type: Un saturated polyester resin based on Isophthalic acid
    Description: C’POL 3711 is a Pre-accelerated premium grade Iso Polyester Resin use full for the closed moulding process. Structures made with C’POL-3711 possess excellent resistance to water and host of corrosive chemicals such as dilute acids and salt solutions.

General Purpose > Ortho

  • C'POL 1711
    Type: Pre -accelerated ortho phthalic based un saturated polyester resin.
    Description: C’POL 1711 is a low viscosity, specially designed for RTM application with an excellent surface finish. Resin has a high heat distortion temperature with low exotherm and low shrinkage during process.