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Research and Quality Assurance

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Research & Development

We have always believed that for every product and every application, there is a higher level of customisation and value addition.

We have extensive R&D operations at Research Center in Kheda, Gujarat. The highly equipped Center, approved by the Department of Science & Technology (Govt. of India), with its highly qualified and committed team of researchers, carries on incisive research for developing newer and better products.

Divided into three major teams, viz. Composites, Coatings and New Departments, our R&D team is purely driven by new developments in chemistry to suit customers needs in various fields.

Products Developments and solutions always being in the spotlight, we emphasise R&D as the core activities of the company which from the hub of the company’s operations and focus on developing :

  • Exclusive tailor made products and solutions to meet user’s specific requirements.
  • Unique and new products that would provide higher value to the user.
  • Green products that are environment and health friendly.

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We always bring good quality services with 100% safety measures

Quality Assurance

Our focus has always been to ensure products we manufacture consistently  meet the global quality standards..

Stringent controls and continuous monitoring coupled with superior technology ensure product quality while the company’s dynamic systems ensure process and service quality.

To ensure that all processes are up to International Standards at all times, the company’s systems and process are compliant to ISO 9001:2015 – certified¬† by Intertek.

We strongly believes that Quality is more than a Promise, It’s Genuine Performance. Our key Quality parameters are listed below :

Our Quality Policy : 

  • We are committed to consistently supply existing as well as future products as per agreed customer satisfaction, and following applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • We strongly believe and strive to bring in continuous improvement in product, process and training of employees so that we stay customer focused.